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A Possible Hope for Those Who Feel Defeated by the Stink Bug

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They terrorize farmer's crops and can get into your house through the tiniest cracks. Now, a central Virginia company that specializes in home and garden products has a new tool to fight the dreaded stink bug.

One estimate puts the damage to crops in several mid-Atlantic states, including Virginia, at $37 million last year. But besides fresh fruit, they love coming in your house. Now Madison County based Plow and Hearth says it has a way to keep them out.

Plow and Hearth Senior Marketing Director Jessica Baines has a problem with stink bugs invading her kitchen ceiling light."They're flying everywhere. They get stuck in your lights, and it was just really disgusting," she described.  But one day that problem turned into an all out nightmare.

"I got my ladder up, and I was trying to take the thing down to empty them all out, and one was still alive and it came out, and it landed on my hair and it was really disgusting," she continued.

So when Baines heard her company was testing out a new stink bug trap she was gung ho, "I was like, let me please test it!"

Janice Coughlin, the senior product manager for Plow and Hearth says the product is simple, easy use, and predicts it will be a big success. During the summer and early fall you place the trap outside your home.

"It has pheromones. It will attract the stink bug. They'll catch them. They'll dehydrate, they're gone," Coughlin explained.

Then around October when the bugs like to start coming inside, you bring the trap inside too. Change out the pheromone insert for a light attachment instead. "They're attracted to the light. Same thing, they get trapped, they dehydrate. You can use the trap over and over until you are stink bug free," she said.

Baines says in just one week she's gone from seeing about eight bugs in her kitchen to just one. "I can already tell that it's working, so in the fall when they start coming into the house, I know it's going to be a life saver for me because I can't stand them in my kitchen," she stated.

The stink bug trap officially goes on sale at Plow and Hearth stores August 1.

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