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New Fire Truck to Roll Out in Charlottesville

Posted: Updated: May 24, 2011 06:19 PM EDT

Charlottesville is hoping to roll out a brand new fire truck this summer. The truck gives crews an upper hand when battling blazes in tall buildings.

Tower 10 is Charlottesville's newest tool for fighting fires. The large truck gives firefighters a strategic advantage. It hauls 250 gallons of water, a longer ladder, and a platform makes tactical rescues easier.

Chief Charles Werner with the Charlottesville Fire Department stated, "You'd have to climb out onto an aerial ladder which is tedious, difficult, dangerous for both the person getting out and rescuer."

The tower portion of the truck gives crews a bird's eye view of a fire in the city of Charlottesville extending up to 95 feet into the sky.

"This gives us access from a couple different directions and doubles the water capabilities of flowing in case we have a fire on the downtown mall," said Werner.

All this week teams are training on the truck learning about the basics of how it works and how to use it in a real life emergency.

Battalion Chief Peter Sweeney with the Charlottesville Fire Department stated, "This has all multiplex safety systems with displays that tell you at a certain angle you can put it at this many feet."

Tower 10 replaces an older tiller in the city's fleet. At a cost of $1.9 million Werner says it was worth the investment to provide better fire protection.

"You have to combine all those capabilities as well as the rescue and extrication equipment and a wench that's onboard," said Werner.

The truck also has a black box in it, just like airplanes do. That is so if anything goes wrong while up in the air, it will all be documented.

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