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Attempted Break-In, Carjacking at Barracks Rd. Shopping Center

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Police are on the hunt for a carjacker in Charlottesville. It may be tied to an attempted break-in that happened just moments earlier at Barracks Road Shopping Center. Police tell us they have recovered the stolen car but they're still looking for the man who committed the crime.

Police got the call around 4:00 a.m. saying someone was trying to break into the GameStop store. Officers arrived to find the front door shattered.

While they were investigating at GameStop, a man from an adjacent fast food restaurant reported that a man had stolen his minivan. Police believe that when the suspect couldn't get inside GameStop, he approached the man, asked him for a ride and then stole his minivan at gunpoint.

Chief Tim Longo of the Charlottesville Police Department stated, "If you've just committed a crime and you're fleeing the area and the police are responding and you can hear that and perhaps even see it, and there's a means by which to get out of dodge quickly, you're probably going to take advantage of that and then that may in fact be what took place here."

Police found the stolen minivan parked near Azalea Park on Old Lynchburg Road. A number of wrapped presents in the vehicle were taken and investigators say the birthday gifts could help them ID the suspect.

We spoke with GameStop managers. They were not able to comment on the incident or the security that may have stopped the suspect from breaking in, but the front door that was smashed in has already been replaced. Police say they don't know if anything was stolen from the store.

Police have not released a description of the suspect. If you have any information that could help investigators call CrimeStoppers at 434-977-4000.

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