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3 Years Later: Augusta Missing Woman Investigation Continues

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Friday marks three years since an Augusta County woman was last seen. Investigators believe she is the victim of foul play.

Even though they haven't arrested anyone, they do have a suspect, and he's the same man they've questioned in another killing.

At the age of 34, Margaret Stamper White vanished from a home she and Charles Spencer shared in Crimora. This is far from a cold case. In fact, detectives have interviewed and re-interviewed several people this year alone.

Among their many questions is, did history repeat itself?

Margaret Stamper White had no car keys and no cell phone, just the clothes on her back when she disappeared. There's no hard physical evidence of foul play, but investigators don't believe White is still alive.

Augusta County Sheriff's Investigator A.C. Powers stated, "No sighting, no phone call, no contact, no letters, no nothing with anyone. It's just like she was there one day and the next day, she wasn't."

According to the man she shared a home with near Crimora, that day was May 13, 2008. Charles Spencer reportedly told deputies that his girlfriend was simply gone when he woke up that morning.

"That person has been interviewed numerous times and of course is high on our list," said Powers.

In fact detectives say they've questioned Spencer at least three times in the past year.

Powers stated, "When you get to certain areas and certain questions, we're not getting full cooperation."

Investigators said the same thing five years earlier when Spencer's wife Joann disappeared. Deputies repeatedly combed the area near their home, but found no trace of Joann Spencer.

Her body was later found on a remote mountainside in McDowell County, West Virginia. That's a four-hour drive from Crimora, but is the same county that Maggie White's family calls home and where she met Charles Spencer.

"That leads us to believe there certainly could be a tie between the disappearance and the death," Powers said.

The Augusta County sheriff's investigator says he's "not close" to closing either of these cases. He's urging anyone who might have - even a seemingly small piece of information - to step forward.

Contact info and details on the case are located here.

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