Happy Ending For Rescued German Shepherds

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The pets taken from a Fluvanna County woman charged with animal cruelty all have new homes. Nearly two dozen german shepherds and a pair of cats were adopted Saturday from the Fluvanna County SPCA.

A judge ordered Jennifer Brooks to hand 19 dogs of her dogs over to the shelter. It was all about giving these animals the second chance they deserve.

Fluvanna County SPCA Board President Leah Shiraishi said, "This is truly what we're all about. Our mission is saving animals and hopefully finding their forever homes and that's what today is about."

Lori Moon, who adopted a german shepherd added, "To be able to start over again and try to give them the best life you could possibly give them." 

One of the shepherds actually had puppies during her stay at the SPCA. All of those little guys will go to their new homes once they're old enough to leave mom.