Police Impersonator Pulling Over Women

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The Louisa County Sheriff's Office has issued a warning about a man posing as a police officer who is pulling over women. The latest incident happened on Sunday.

Deputies said the man drives a Mercury and has a flashing blue and red light on his dashboard. The car is missing a front license plate and the suspect did not show any identification.

The Louisa County Sheriff's Office does have unmarked cars. They said if you get pulled over and circumstances seem suspicious, slow your car down and don't stop until you reach an area where there are other people.

Reported by: NBC29 HD News

Louisa County Sheriff's Office Press Release

On Mar. 4, 2011 a female was stopped on Shannon Hill Rd. in Louisa County by a white male in a gray sweatsuit driving a dark colored car. He did not produce any identification and told her she had rolled through a stop sign. He then went to his car and came back and told her he wasn't going to write her a ticket. A witness from a nearby residence described the car as being large, dark colored with no markings and blue lights.

On Mar. 20, 2011 another female reported an incident where she was southbound on Shannon Hill Rd. when she met a car that turned around on her and came up behind her with a flashing blue and red light. She pulled into a driveway and when the car pulled in behind her she saw a Mercury emblem on the front and noticed the car didn't have a front license plate. She also said the light was on the dash and it was a rotating light. This didn't feel right to her so she pulled away and the car did not follow.

Louisa County Sheriff's Office would like to inform our citizens that while we do utilize unmarked vehicles, all official vehicles have front and rear license plates. If you are stopped by an unmarked vehicle matching this alert, or if something concerns you if stopped by an unmarked vehicle, slow your vehicle significantly and proceed to an area with people present before stopping. If you have a wireless phone, please report any suspicious circumstance by calling 911. Please be aware numerous law enforcement agencies are present in Louisa with unmarked vehicles. Be sure to comply as much as is reasonable while verifying the officer's authority. 

Lt. Jeff Sims