City Market Task Force

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A special task force is working to find a new home for Charlottesville's City Market.

In December, city council decided to form the City Market Task Force to help decide on a better location for the popular moneymaker.

"It's a critical part of the fabric of the community," said Charlottesville Parks and Recreation Director Brian Daly.

Currently, the market operates on a Water Street parking lot; but the future of that lot is uncertain.

"It's on a piece of property that the city owns, but it's most likely that that site will be redeveloped," Daly explained.

Now, the city is in the market for new ideas and a new location that meets certain criteria.

"One - and most important - could this location be permanent? Secondly, what kind of access does it have for both vendors and customers? How does the site work in actually conducting the market?" said Daly.

The City Market Task Force is currently looking at 13 different locations throughout Charlottesville.

"McIntire Park is actually a location that I'm looking into," said Task Force Member Judy Berger. "Jefferson School is also a possibility. Certainly, we're comparing things to the site that we're at right now."

Other potential locations include Tonsler Park and the Frank Ix property.

During upcoming meetings, the group will discuss the pros and cons of each location. The team is expected to report back to city council sometime this April.