Sanchez Pleads Guilty to Stabbing

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David Luna Sanchez David Luna Sanchez

Six months after stabbing a Waynesboro man in the heart, David Luna Sanchez has admitted his guilt.

The 22-year-old pleaded guilty to second-degree murder Wednesday in Waynesboro Circuit Court. A plea agreement orders him to serve 13 years behind bars.

Prosecutors say there was a long history of "bad blood" between Sanchez and victim Eduardo Herrera. It boiled over in the stabbing last June outside an apartment building on Commerce Avenue.

"There are those out there who will say the victim was six feet five and the defendant was five feet six and the victim threw the first blow," said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney James Camblos. "But the victim thought he was going to a fist fight, and the defendant brought a knife to the fist fight."

Sanchez has been in the United States illegally. Prosecutors say he will be deported to Mexico after serving his 13-year prison term.

Reported by Ken Slack
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