Chopping Wood for Those in Need

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Chopping wood for those in need. Chopping wood for those in need.

A Fluvanna County landscaping business is helping families stay warm as the temperatures drop for the winter.

The Metcalf Tree and Landscaping Company had dozens of volunteers out chopping wood this weekend. They have been cutting trees into fire wood for families for more than a decade, but the owners say the need now is greater than ever.

Sean Metcalf of Metcalf Tree & Landscaping said, "We've actually been down on our luck before and people helped us and it's, the need is getting worse and worse and we're finding more and more people who need it. Just trying to do our part." Some of the volunteers are the ones using the wood to heat their own homes.

The Metcalfs are always looking for extra help. Click here if you're interested in lending a hand to their charitable chopping.

Reported by Dannika Lewis
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