Empty Pond Upsetting Lake Monticello Neighbors

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This leaking pond is upsetting Lake Monticello neighbors. This leaking pond is upsetting Lake Monticello neighbors.

A group of neighbors in a Fluvanna County subdivision say their homeowner's association is dragging its feet about a pond problem they reported month's ago.

Neighbors in the Acres subdivision of the Lake Monticello community are wondering why the issue is not on the November board meeting agenda scheduled for Thursday night. They say they have been complaining all year about the decreasing water levels in their neighborhood pond.

Overnight in September, most of the water vanished through a leaky pipe. Now, it is still empty and they are still upset. According to Lake Monticello Homeowners Association General Manager John Korhonen that is only because they are still sorting through bids from various contractors.

"We're moving forward as rapidly as we can in a reasonable fashion, so that when the job is done it will be done correctly," Korhonen explained.

Korhonen says they have received bids from contractors ranging from about $25,000 to nearly $100,000. With such a disparity the association is interviewing each of the bidder's to find a reasonable price between the two extremes.

Korhonen says the issue should be on the December or January agenda.

Reported by Derick Waller
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