Chavers Enters Guilty Pleas

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Ulisa Chavers is facing murder charges for the killing of her husband, then years later, her boyfriend.  Wednesday in Louisa County Circuit Court she admitted to cashing in on their Social Security benefits, years after both men died.

Chavers pleaded guilty to nine counts of embezzlement and one count of grand larceny.   Now she's facing over a decade in prison.  Judge Timothy K. Sanner sentenced 61-year-old Chavers to 30 years for the embezzlement and grand larceny charges, with 20 of those years being suspended. 

Chavers is charged with the murder of her husband Clent Chavers in 1994, and her boyfriend, Reginald ‘Cody' Bowles, whose body was found in a well in March of 2009.  Wednesday, she admitted to cashing in on an estimated $175,000 in Social Security benefits from both men.    

Katie Bowles - the 22-year-old daughter of Ulisa's deceased boyfriend - took to the witness stand with a tearful testimony Wednesday. She says Chavers lied about her father's death and told her he left town because he was tired of taking care of other people.

Commonwealth's Attorney Tom Garrett said, "What you have here is the systematic defrauding of the taxpayers, the systematic defrauding of the insurance company, the systematic defrauding of Cody Bowles, and - not least of which - the systematic defrauding of three children. I think Katie Bowles' testimony brought that home." 

Lieutenant Howard Porter of the Louisa County Sheriff's Department said, "She had multiple times to come out and tell us the truth at different aspects during the case, and she never did".

Despite Wednesday's outcome, Chavers' defense attorney says he feels confident about the upcoming murder trial.  That trial is set to begin December 15 in Louisa County.  

Before learning her sentence, Chavers spoke up in court saying she is sorry for lying. She maintains that both men died of natural causes and wanted to be buried on the property.

Reported by Kasey Hott
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