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How We Change Lives Through Brain Training

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We train and strengthen all key cognitive skills areas that are essential to learning and performance. The seven areas we address are:  Attention, Long-Term Memory, Short-Term Memory, Processing Speed, Logic & Reasoning, Auditory Processing, Visual Processing

Cognitive abilities can be increased with proper training. This increases immediate and future brain function, and produces more accurate recall, quicker processing, and easier learning across a wide range of learning challenges. Brain training strengthens each of the cognitive skills that make the learning process run smoothly. The key is being able to accurately identify and exercise the correct brain mechanism. 

Research has shown that the brain never stops changing. If you or your child experience learning or reading problems, brain training can be your most effective choice to eliminate the cause of the struggle, and move on to learning and reading success. 

LearningRx is a provider of brain training, but we produce better, more confident and successful students of all ages.

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