Henry's Haiti Blog: Thursday March 04

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Thursday, March 04, 2010

We got right into work this morning at 7:30 AM.  The teams split up again to get more work done.  We stayed at the compound for half a day to pour the concrete into the piers for the compound walls.  We have been concerned about the potential for rain, but the cloudy weather is much appreciated. 

After the work at the compound, we headed into the mountains of Haiti to help the rest of the team pour the foundation for Clement's house. At the compound – it was a teaching day.  We showed the Haitians how to mix the concrete for the columns.  We also showed them how to use the tools and put everything together.  The hope is that they can continue to do this after we leave.  That is what I like most about BFG – it's not a handout – it's showing people how to help themselves. 

Louise and I had a lot of fun today working with some of the Haitian teens and children who are so willing and eager to help and learn.  They helped us with the forms before we poured the concrete.  I got to interview a Haitian teen who is very appreciative of everything that he has been taught this week.  He learned how to use the cement mixer, some tools and how to level things.  Now he will be able to help others as the rebuilding process gets underway in this country.