Bringing Forests Back To Haiti

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A new forest is beginning to spring up all over Haiti thanks in part to Building Goodness Foundation.

"Going into areas and putting in hedge rows with vederfer grass to help stop erosion," said BGF volunteer April Leese.

Over time the Haitians have clear cut the tropical rainforest that once stood here, leading to erosion.

"When erosion happens, soil washes away and the crops that they do plant will have a lower yield," Leese explained.

But a reforestation program aims to turn back the clock and put more timber on the mountains.

The Haitians benefit from the reforestation process in three ways: first, it revitalized this land which was once stripped. Second, they get income from what is planted here. And third, some Haitians will get a house by working here and planting trees.

"So that means, in addition to planting a lot of them, they also need to continue to let them grow, which of course is good for them and good for the soil," added Leese.

Teaching the Haitians how to help themselves and turn the country around in L'Acul, Haiti.

Reported by Henry Graff
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