Henry's Haiti Blog: Wednesday March 03

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Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Another hot one today.  But the breeze is blowing so it feels a little better outside.  Woke up at 6AM to do a live phone interview for NBC29 HD News at Sunrise.  We started working at 7:30AM. 

Today the teams split up – Michael Boggs, April Leese and Taylor Quarles went to Clement's house to start the foundation work (the entire team will be there tomorrow).  Meanwhile, Vinnie Valentino, Louise Finger, Curtis Hoffman and I spent the day at the compound. 

We had to continue building the piers that will support the new walls for the compound.  Curtis and I had to create the forms that would in essence be the moulds for the support piers.  Curtis taught me a lot about carpentry building today. 

For some this is their first time with BGF, others it's their first time in Haiti, for me it's all of the above and my first time dealing with construction.  When the rest of the team gets talking sometimes about building and plan, I feel like  it's Creole to me!!!  But everyone is kind to explain to me what is going on.  I appreciate that. 

Right now Louise is working over some plans for the compound wall support columns.  Because of being in a third world country with not a lot of material there is a lot of improvising happening here.  It's very interesting to see. 

I think the team is getting along very well and everyone is helping out where they can.  I worked with Curtis for most of the morning, and then I took off on my own with a camera and a microphone to give the viewers a full tour of the compound.  You get to see everything from gate to where we slept.  Look for that in web extras when I return (it's too long to upload from Haiti). 

For now Au revior from Haiti.