Henry's Haiti Blog: Tuesday March 02

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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Boy it's hot today.  The first couple of days it was cloudy.  But the sun is out in full force and so is the heat.  It's about 95 degrees and the team is working on fixing the walls at the compound where we are staying. 

I helped with moving things and putting screws in some boards – I may not be a carpenter – but I am learning.  We have a team of Haitians that are helping as well.  Many are eager to learn about what the team is doing and the skills to continue the work.  That's very promising.  I'm told that is always the case. 

We've been having some technical difficulties in the morning while trying to Skype.  But I was able to do a taped interview with Sharon Gregory this afternoon.  It went well – she asked a lot of good questions – tune in for it at 5PM. 

It's very interesting to see how people live here every day.   We have so many material things back in the states and we're not happy unless we have more.  The  Haitians – for the most part – just have each other and that's fine for them.  I really admire that. 

I took an extended break today to finish up some of my stories that will air this week.  Now it's back to work.

Henry Graff