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Melting Snow Could Cause Problems

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Now that the big snow has turned into the big slush, all that water's got to go somewhere. 

The water goes into the storm drains, but with so much snow and ice still on the grounds, many of them are covered, so the melted ice and snow has nowhere to go.  

That leaves open the possibility and the concern for flooding. 

Charlottesville Public Works is working to stop it before it becomes a problem. 

Big puddles on the sides of the roads are the type of standing water Charlottesville Public Works wants to avoid. Because many storm drains around the city are covered by ice and snow, it's tough to do. When the snow starts to melt, it winds up ponding in low-lying areas and causing problems. 

Charlottesville Public Works director Judy Mueller says her staff is working the storm drains on a case-by-case basis, based on complaints they get. 

"There's just no way we could go out and clear all the storm drains in the city.  We would have all of our resources doing that." 

Most of their resources are focused on clearing neighborhood streets.  Mueller says public works only got about a half dozen calls Monday, but they were big. 

"We had one on Emmett, one on Barracks, and we got to those as quickly as we could.  Unfortunately, we're having to deal with traffic. It's a big issue for us trying to get to complaint areas right now." 

Every member of the public works staff is assigned to a specific area of the city, so the same way they clean the storm drains before a heavy rain, they're handling the storm drains after the snow. 

Mueller says, "So we've got the same people working in the same neighborhoods and if we do have a flooding problem, they'll know where the storm drain is." 

Hopefully when a complaint comes in, it won't take long to clear the drain before the flooding picks up. 

If you're in Charlottesville and you have a covered storm drain in your neighborhood that you're worried could cause flooding, you can call public works to put in a complaint.

Reported by Tracy Clemons
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