Police Search Pantops, Following Morgan Lead

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Search crews combed an area on Pantops Mountain Wednesday evening, following a tip they received in the Morgan Harrington case. This comes on the heels of Morgan's parents coming to Charlottesville to announce new search efforts to find their daughter.

Police and a K-9 unit spent several hours searching through storage units at the construction site for the new Martha Jefferson Hospital, looking for anything that would lead them to the 20-year old Virginia Tech student.

After searching the hospital site, they moved to the area around State Farm.

Police are using every means at their disposal to try and locate Harrington, who went missing after a Metallica concert in Charlottesville October 17th.

Investigators say they are currently following up on hundreds of tips in this case.

Reported by NBC29 HD News

Virginia State Police Search Update

From: Geller, Corinne
Date: Wed, Nov 4, 2009 at 5:17 PM
Subject: VSP Update on Morgan Harrington Case

Good evening, I’ve received numerous calls about police activity this afternoon related to this case. State and local law enforcement did conduct a search in the Pantops area near Charlottesville this afternoon. Investigators were simply following up on yet another lead related to the Morgan Harrington case. At this time, the lead has not provided any significant information or findings.

Also, for clarification, the Jefferson Area Crime Stoppers Reward is now at $150,041. The original $100,000 is from an anonymous donor…the $50,000 is from Metallica…the $41 is from the staff of the United Way in Roanoke. The reward is for information that leads to the location and recovery of Miss Harrington.

Thanks, Corinne Geller