Harrington's Parents Take Search to National Stage

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Dan and Gil Harrington were on the Today Show Tuesday morning trying to keep their missing daughter, Morgan, in the national spotlight.

The 20-year-old Virginia Tech student has now been gone ten days after disappearing from a Metallica concert in Charlottesville October 17th. Her parents acknowledge she's probably the victim of foul play, but say they're praying for her safe return and devoting all of their energies to that thought.

Gil Harrington, Morgan's mother, said "she really doesn't know many people in Charlottesville but maybe she saw someone at the concerts that she identified with and thought that maybe she could catch a ride home with them.  These kids at this age think everybody's their friend."

Morgan's purse was recovered in the parking lot of the John Paul Jones Arena, but police say they haven't uncovered any other physical evidence.

There is a tip line set up for anyone who may have any information on Morgan. That number is 434-352-3467.  The reward is now at $150,000.

State Police now say they have spoken with the young blond woman seen in videos shot at the Metallica concert, and the images are not Morgan Harrington.

UVA Police announced that they will increase car and foot patrols this Halloween weekend, saying the Harrington case is a reminder for all students to be more vigilant.

Reported by Henry Graff
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