Harrington Search Continues

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Virginia State Police say they don't have many solid leads in the disappearance of 20 year old Morgan Harrington.

At a news conference on Wednesday police said they are still treating the investigation as a missing person's case because there's no evidence of foul play. Police have called off search efforts.

Interviews with friends and people at the concert as well as surveillance video have provided no leads.  Lt. Joe Rader with The Virginia State Police said "We have a purse. We have a cell phone. We have a missing girl.  Those are the facts and we need to draw conclusions based on the tips."

Police now say that Harrington was last seen about 9:30 PM Saturday night. She left her friends, she used the bathroom, ended up outside the arena and couldn't return.

There is also a new number to call if you have a tip.  It's (434) 352-3467.

Police also expect to release details about a $50,000 reward on Thursday.

Morgan Harrington's parents are taking their search for their daughter to national television and the internet.

Dan and Gil Harrington are criss crossing cable TV with hopes of finding their 20-year-old Virginia Tech junior. The two have appeared on CNN and FOX hoping to spark new clues in the case.

The Facebook page dedicated to finding Morgan is exploding online. So far it has connected with more than 140,000 people.

Reported by Keith McGilvery
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Reported by Henry Graff
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