UVA Children's Hospital Featured Story: Miracle Mason

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Do you believe in miracles? You don't have to convince the Ikirt family. Every day is a miracle for them after watching their four-year old son fight through more ordeals than most people see in a lifetime.

Mason Ikirt is ready for anything these days. Like any other four-year old, many of those days include a little play fighting with older sister Brooke. Mason was a happy, healthy newborn who celebrated all of life's big firsts, his first birthday his first haircut, his first Halloween.

But Mason's life would take a serious turn for the worse after that. Thanksgiving week of 2006, when Mason was two, a cold turned into pneumococcal pneumonia which induced a rare disease with an over ninety percent fatality rate.

Already a medical miracle having just survived, Mason wouldn't be the kid he is today without Kluge Children's Rehabilitation Center. The doctor’s nurses and staff did whatever they could to help Mason.

Over a period of weeks to months, as he improved medically and became stronger, Mason was gradually transitioned into a more intensive therapeutic regimen. Three months after checking into Kluge, the Ikirts were ready to check out. Mason, a medical miracle, was almost one-hundred percent recovered from all of the obstacles life had thrown at him.