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'Pajama Mom' Helping Jobless Online

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As employers shed jobs across the U.S., one web-savvy woman in Fluvanna County is helping others find success from the comfort of their own homes.

Leslie Truex, the self-named "Pajama Mom" has spent the past 10 years living and working online operating her own website, workathomesuccess.com.

"I would search the internet for work-at-home jobs and I would share those. A lot of times they were jobs that I couldn't do, but somebody else might be able to do them," Truex said.

As the internet gained popularity, so did Truex's website. Now it's also a blog, and she recently turned her web resources into a book, “The Work at Home Success Bible.”

“Everyday, every weekday I post jobs that I find on the internet. When I started doing that I maybe found one job a month. Today I find at least five jobs a day,” she said.

Truex doesn't just cater to at-home careers. In this economy, she says people are looking for any way to make a quick buck without leaving home. And from her living room the Pajama Mom is there to help.

"Working at home, even if it's just part time, it can fix the gap between what you earn and what your expenses are, because what you earn isn't keeping pace with what we're having to spend to survive," she said.

Truex says she tries to steer clear of posting technical jobs. She says even traditional careers in nursing and tutoring are readily available online.

Reported by Liz Nagy
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