Prognosis Prompts Professor's Tour

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It's not your typical talk on time management. This one comes from a man who recently found out he has too little time left.

Former University of Virginia professor Randy Paush has spent his career teaching others about computer science. Now he spends his days teaching about time because in August Pausch found out he didn't have much time left. His prognosis was three to six months. He's suffering from terminal pancreatic cancer.

"It was completely devastating. He's so young and has kids and so energetic, it was completely unexpected," said Gabriel Robins. 

UVA professor Gabriel Robins was the driving force behind bringing Pausch back to Charlottesville. The two men met during their time as faculty members at UVA. Robins calls him an inspiration not only for his academic work but also, for his work sharing his philosophy with the world through interviews and lectures.

"He's been my friend for many years, since 1992, my mentor, my colleague. We've had many many conversations about our years and science and technology and teaching and education," shared Robins. 

Educating through lectures like one at UVA Tuesday that focus on how to get the most out of your day even if your days are numbered.

There will be plenty for those of us who don't know Pausch to remember him by when his time has passed. He has his name on half-a-dozen books and about 70 articles, not to mention the Alice Software Project he founded, a computer animation tool for children.

Reported by Annie Scholz