Larry Sabato Proposes Constitutional Changes in New Book

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Reported by Annie Scholz
October 09, 2007

Dr. Larry Sabato of the University of Virginia takes on our nation's written rules in a new writing of his own. In his new book, entitled "A More Perfect Constitution," Sabato takes a look at the U.S. Constitution and suggests changes we need to make today.

In the book, Sabato proposes 23 ways to reshape the Constitution, and what he calls, "Make America a fairer country."

He takes on topics such as restructuring Congress, presidential and judicial terms, the electoral college, and a more widespread call to service. He said the topics need changing along with the times.

"I think in the end if you aren't changing, you aren't evolving, you aren't improving, then probably other countries are going to race ahead of you and I think the U.S. has more challenges in the 21st century than ever before," stated Sabato, a political analyst. 

The book is on store shelves now. Sabato is taking the discussion to Washington, D.C. for a constitutional convention featuring powerful political players, including Bob Dole, Geraldine Ferraro and Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito.

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