GOP TV Ad Targets Perriello

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The GOP takes aim at Congressman Tom Perriello for his vote on a controversial energy bill. Starting Thursday, national Republicans will take to the airwaves, hoping to turn voters against the Fifth District Democrat.

The freshman Democrat supported last week's controversial cap and trade energy bill. The GOP wants to make sure voters remember that. An ad slated to run Thursday in Southside says, "Tom Perriello's voting with Obama and Nancy Pelosi over and over...Call Perriello. Tell him he was wrong to vote for the Pelosi energy tax."

The ad is sponsored by the National Republican Congressional Committee. The group is honing in on vulnerable Democrats nationwide who voted for the energy bill but the only representative targeted on television is Perriello

"I'm just so disappointed by really the cowardice and the lies on the other side that would put cheap political points over doing the right thing," said Perriello (D).

Perriello says the cap and trade bill will help reduce U.S. dependence on foreign oil and will ultimately be a great thing for his district.

Perriello stated, "If I have to choose between what's right and what's easy, I'm just the kind of guy that's gonna stick with what's right."

Still, political analysts say the vote does come with political risk, especially as Republicans look to take control of Congress.

According to Larry Sabato with the UVA Center for Politics, "Republicans are naturally hoping that they can switch it back in a year when Barack Obama will not be on the ballot."

But Sabato says this ad might not make a huge difference with voters: "It's an awfully long time to November 2010. It's going to be difficult for most people to remember this."

Reported by Adam Rhew
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