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  • 7 tips to budget your holiday spending

    The holidays are upon us. For those of us feeling a financial pinch, this can be a time of stress and worry rather than one of happiness and caring.
  • Student loans are hurting Millennials' net worth

    Since student debt draws money away from other savings and investment opportunities, the long-term effect on net worth can be devastating
  • How to find the best deals for Cyber Monday

    What are some of the best ways to take advantage of Cyber Monday?
  • How to land a holiday job

    Are you entering the holiday season short of cash? You may want to consider a seasonal job.
  • 9 holiday shopping tips to help you save money

    What brightens up your holiday shopping season? Saving money.
  • Shopping tips to protect yourself from identity theft this Black Friday

    What does Black Friday protection mean to you? Maybe it's helmets and elbow pads as you battle your fellow consumers for doorbuster deals. Maybe it's protecting your space in line.
  • 5 Black Friday shopping tips: How to save online and in-stores

    Savvy shoppers save hundreds or even thousands of dollars on this single day.
  • College textbooks for sale organized on shelves inside an educational school retail bookstore. MyLoupe / UIG via Getty Images

    Like Netflix for textbooks: Company takes aim at high costs of higher ed

    Want to save money on textbooks? A new subscription-based service is trying to address the pain point, but there are a few ways to cut costs.
  • At the end of each month, go through your receipts and tally up the amounts you saved. Then transfer the exact amount to an account that collects interest. Wutthichai Luemuang / EyeEm/Getty Images

    How stashing receipts saved one man over a $1,000 in 7 months

    Personal finance writer Michael Timmermann says he saved over $1,000 by holding off on extra purchases and holding onto his receipts instead. Here’s how.
  • 10 ways to save money (and sanity) during wedding season

    If your summer weekends are filling up with weddings, these tips from Jen Glantz will help keep your bank account and sanity in tact.
  • 5 easy steps to improve your credit score

    Here are steps experts laid out to help improve your score and get back on the right borrowing track.
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    3 tax preparation tools to tame your taxes

    The IRS reported nearly 112 million refunds were issued last year, with an average refund of $2,895. The only way to find out your piece of the refund pie is to crunch your tax numbers.
  • Think before you lend your credit card to others

    If you lend your credit card to a friend in financial need, trying to be helpful, there's a decent chance that you'll end up with increased debt and possibly an ex-friend.

  • The most important advice from current to future retirees

    In many facets of life, experience is the best instructor. So, MoneyTips asked retirees for advice to give to people planning their future retirement.

  • Living off of dividends in retirement

    Retiring without the worry of running out of money is a major goal for many of us. But what is the best way to ensure that you never run out of money in retirement?

  • Energy tax incentives 101

    You want to be an energy saver and are interested in going green as much as possible through new energy efficient appliances, home modifications, and perhaps even building a brand new energy-efficient home.

  • Most people repaying credit cards wrong

    What's the best way to pay down credit card debt?

  • Bad social security advice can cost you money

    When should you claim your Social Security benefits?

  • Medicare Plan F Going Away In 2020

    Millions of Americans choose to supplement their Original Medicare benefits with additional coverage that helps to cover the gaps. 

  • What we spend on Valentine's Day

    This Valentine's Day, besides sappy songs, Americans will hear a lot of "Marry me?" and "Ka-ching!" Amidst a staggering nine million marriage proposals, Americans are estimated to spend $20 billion on Valentine's...

  • Top 9 tax benefits of parenthood

    Congratulations! You have just been handed your first little bundle of joy in the hospital and have embarked on the long journey of parenthood. It is a trip full of joyful experiences that make the corresponding aggravations...

  • Stocks bounce at the end of an awful week

    The Dow jumped 300 points at Friday's open after a rough week in the stock market.
  • 5 mistakes to avoid when filing taxes early

    Early Birds Should Be Careful Have you been waiting patiently to file your taxes? If so, you're in luck. 

  • Super Bowl numbers: Fun facts about the big game

    Super Bowl LII (52 to you non-Romans) will take place at U.S. Bank Stadium in Minneapolis on Sunday, February 4. We could have had the Jacksonville Jaguars in their first Super Bowl appearance facing the Minnesota Vikings as...

  • Lehigh woman dies after being struck by truck

    Troopers said the 28-year-old woman was walking in the path of oncoming traffic on Joel Boulevard when a pickup struck her.

  • How new tax law affects homeowners

    The changing landscape of deductions

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    7 popular tax credits - do you qualify?

    Are you looking to save money on your taxes? To maximize your tax savings, check your eligibility for tax credits.

  • New 2018 tax laws: What every taxpayer needs to know

    Did you hear that there are tax changes for 2018? Unless you've been in a coma or vacationing in North Korea over the last several months, you probably know that recent sweeping changes were made to the tax laws....

  • Top 10 ways to use unwanted gift cards

    What can you do with a gift card that you will never use? We have a few suggestions for your consideration.

  • Student loan defaults on the rise

    Americans owe the government approximately $1.37 trillion in student loans.

  • 5 predictions from economists for 2018

    Who would dare to make economic predictions for 2018 in the age of Trump? We can try, with the help of economists and other experts in the financial field. Here are our predictions for five major economic metrics in 2018. ...

  • Tips for end-of-year financial planning

    Building the following financial moves into your fourth-quarter routine can really pay off over the long run and give you greater peace of mind for the coming year.

  • 5 tips for holiday parties on a budget

    You want to throw a holiday party but simply cannot afford to spend big bucks in the process. The holidays are full of expenses already without dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on festivities. Fortunately,...

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    7 tips for Cyber Monday shopping

    Do you like the idea of good deals but not the idea of standing outside the mall in a three-point stance waiting for the doors to open for pre-dawn Black Friday savings?

  • A lot to be thankful for: Looking on the economic bright side

    Our 24-hour news cycle may seem to bring us nothing but an endless series of conflicts and depressing news – but it doesn't have to be that way. Good news is available if you are willing to dig for it and look at things...

  • Payday loan lenders target military personnel

    If you are one of the brave men and women serving our country in uniform, you face enough dangers.

  • The GOP Tax Plan: How Will You Fare?

    Cut, Cut, Cut After a short delay and with significant fanfare, the House of Representatives released the Republican tax reform plan last Thursday. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act – or, if you prefer the Trumpian term, the "Cut...
  • Are you an average worker?

    Do you think you are an average Joe or Jane when it comes to your participation in this labor force? To find out, test your "averageness" against some of these statistics available from Gallup and the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • What's worse than debt collectors calling? Fake debt collectors...

    You may receive calls from debt collectors trying to recover past-due debts whether you have debts or not. The calls may be from legitimate debt collectors or they may be from debt scammers attempting to extract payment for debts that don't exist. Here's how to distinguish between the two...

  • Couples fight about money more than sex

    Money or sex: which topic causes the most trouble within a relationship?

  • Don't go into debt for vacation

    A new study shows Americans average 6 months to recover from vacation.

  • Why are millennials avoiding credit cards?

    A surprising 67 percent of Americans between 18 and 29 years of age have no credit cards at all, according to a recent survey.

  • MoneyTips: How to protect your valuable and heirloom jewels

    For Valentine's Day, we hope you bought a thoughtful gift for your significant other. It’s the thought that counts, of course, but let us give you a tip or two: women like jewelry. And, when it comes to fine jewelry, you should give thought to insurance. 

  • How to protect yourself from identity thieves

    With more and more information stored online, more bad guys are just a password away from our personal data. As hackers have stolen financial information from large corporations like Yahoo to the Internal Revenue Service, identity theft is on the rise.

  • How to get your free credit report, credit score without a credit card

    MoneyTips is offering a free tool, Credit Manager, so you can read your credit report right now.

  • MoneyTips: Top tax benefits of home ownership

    Your home is your castle, and it is also a source of tax deductions. Yet, every year, Americans let these potential tax deductions pass by, not realizing how to take advantage of them.