• Baby 101: Car Seat Safety

    The best way to protect kids in the car is to put them in the right seat and use it the right way. In this Baby 101, NBC29 talks with a team working hard to make sure area kids are safe.
  • Baby 101: Breastfeeding Support

    While the first few weeks of breastfeeding can be tough for new mothers, support is available, starting in the first hours of your baby's life.
  • Baby 101: Finding a Pediatrician

    When you are expecting a baby the to-do list can seem like it's a mile long, but one of the most important items to cross off before baby comes along is finding a pediatrician you trust.
  • Baby 101: Exercising During Pregnancy

    There's more to pregnancy and exercise than skipping it entirely. It can be a great time for moms-to-be to get active, even if they haven't exercised in a while.

  • Baby 101: The Do's and Don'ts of Pregnancy

    NBC29's Libby Allison explores the do's and don'ts of pregnancy and how to navigate the overwhelming amount of information available to expecting mothers.