No Charges in Allen Rally Incident

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Reported by NBC29 News
November 28, 2006

In a public release Tuesday, Commonwealth's Attorney Dave Chapman recommended that "no charges be sought by law enforcement" for the incident at Charlottesville's Omni Hotel between Mike Stark and members of Senator George Allen's staff.

In the incident on October 31, Stark approached and shouted questions to Allen. Allen staff members stepped in and there was physical contact between Stark and the staff members. During that contact, Stark was wrestled to the ground. 

The incident was caught on tape by NBC29 and was used by the Commonwealth's attorney and police personnel to review the incident. Those viewings aided in the Commonwealth's Attorney's decision not to recommend charges be brought against anyone involved in October's incident. According to the Commonwealth's Attorney, "the balance of evidence reflects that no one sought to hurt anyone."

You can see that incident for yourself by clicking on the video link above.