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Exploring Charlottesville's Unexplained

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Whether it's a scary movie or a spooky tale told around a campfire, this time of year always seems to bring out ghost stories. If you look hard enough, you'll find that some truly terrifying events happened right in our own backyard.

"There's all kinds of unexplained things in my life and I think in everyone's lives. Was it something I just didn't understand or was it a ghost? I don't know," said Ghosts and Murders Tour Guide Rob Craighurst. 

Charlottesville is full of ghost stories: rocking chairs that move on their own, canleds flying across the floor, and some say the spectre of a UVA professor still wanders a room on The Lawn.

"I think to some extent, ghosts and murders get us in touch with our own mortality," offered Craighurst. 

Craighurst is the guide through some of Charlottesville's most mysterious tales featured on his Ghost and Murders tour.  There's all kinds of unexplained events that you'll hear about on the tour. One of them is one of Charlottesville's most notorious murders.

The story goes like this: on September 4, 1904 Fannie McCue, the wife of former Charlottesville mayor Sam McCue, was murdered in her Park Street home. "McCue, the mayor, ex-mayor at the time, three-term mayor, was accused and tried -- and hanged," stated Craighurst. 

But there was no hard evidence to link Sam McCue to the crime. Some people doubt if he committed the murder he was hanged for.

As for the house on Park Street, Sam and Fannie may have never left. "So, Fannie, you're upstairs in the bathroom where you're murdered. And Sam, supposedly, your ghost is down in the basement," said Craighurst on the tour. 

About the tour, he said, "There's a lot of questions in the back of our heads. 'What is going on?' And I think a ghost tour, ghost stories, touch into that."

Now, of course, some people don't believe in ghosts, but the tour highlights things that are rooted in historical fact, even if the hauntings afterward are up for debate. This is the last weekend for the ghost and murder tour. For more information, click here.

Reported by Claire O'Brien
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