A Day on the Diamond with Brandon Guyer

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Reported by Lindsay Murphy
May 16, 2007

The Cavaliers have risen in the national polls this year to as high as number three in the country in big part because of slugger Brandon Guyer. He is a combination of hard work, speed and strength that has made him not only one of the ACC's top hitters, but one of the leagues' most fearless fielders.

NBC29's Lindsay Murphy met up with Brandon Guyer at Davenport Field for some batting practice.

Number 20 on the Virginia baseball team is junior left-fielder Brandon Guyer. He is known for putting on a show in the outfield. Guyer's fearless attitude leaves many people wondering if he's really a football player wearing a baseball uniform.

As Guyer explains it, "It's the way I play. Everything I do in life is 100 percent and just, that's the football mentality you need. And yeah, you could say I'm a football body in a baseball uniform."

He continued, "I'm definitely fearless. I won't hesitate to run into any wall here. I mean, that's just how I play. Some may call it wreckless and it might be a little wreckless and stupid at times, but I don't know--I've always done that"

There is something even more impressive about Brandon Guyer and that's his ability to hit a baseball. This season, Guyer is batting just under 400 and leads the team with 74 hits. He has already batted his way into the Virginia record books, getting a hit in 26 consecutive games this season.

"I know it's something that might never happen again in my career, be it here or in the minors, wherever I do go. Like it said, it doesn't happen to everybody because it takes a certain amount of luck and everything. It takes a lot of skill too, but it's something I'll definitely never forget," insisted Guyer. 

After watching Guyer get a hit in 26 consecutive games, I got to thinking: 'it can't be that hard can it?' So I challenged him to a day in the batting cages thinking he could probably teach me a thing or two.

We got right down to business. First, we slipped into out batting gloves. Then, I got a lesson on how to properly grip the bat. I was feeling pretty good at this point. Then, like a good coach, Brandon taught me his routine when he's at the plate.

Now, it was time to see what he was made of in the cages. Brandon couldn't miss. Also in the cages, I couldn't hit.

"Stay back and throw your hands at the ball," he instructed. 

"I thought I'd at least get one hit," I said. 

"You were right on it," he replied. 

"No excuses," I said. 

"No excuses. Play hard."

So, Brandon decided he would pitch to me and I would get a hit...and I did--I got more than one. 

My day was starting to look a little brighter, but it couldn't last forever. When all was said and done, I had learned the biggest lesson of all:

It's not as easy as it looks, but I think to be as good as Guyer, it takes more than just one day in the batting cages. But at least for now I know all the secrets of Virginia's top slugger.

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