VDOT Plans to Make Roads More Pedestrian Friendly

Reported by Matt Talhelm
February 27, 2007

VDOT's planning new ways to get you out of your cars and into foot traffic.

Share the road and share the funding is the call from cyclists Tuesday night. They want to make sure their two-wheel transportation does not get run off the road as the state plans how you will get around in the future.

James Burris bikes around Staunton and Augusta County four to five days a week. He says it is difficult to get around on some of the area's busier roads where there is no shoulder space for travel on two-wheels or two-feet.

Tuesday night, VDOT leaders discussed ways Virginia's working to share its roads with bikers and pedestrians. The state encourages cyclists to speak up in the planning process for new roads to make developments more ped-friendly.

"I guess it's getting a little bit better and it seems like people are becoming more aware. I think the big problem here is on the busier roads where there's not a facility for a bike and there's not room for a bike," said James Burris at the Black Dog Bike Shop. 

There is already a buggy and bike parkway under contract for construction around Harrisonburg and both Waynesboro and Staunton are developing their greenway plans for bikes and walkers.