Allen Campaign Press Release Concerning Incident

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For Immediate Release:

October 31, 2006

Contact: Press Office 703.845.3689

Democrat Activist Verbally Attacks Allen

Allen Campaign Demands Webb Restrain Out of Control Supporter

ARLINGTON, VA -  At the conclusion of a well attended event in Charlottesville, a Webb supporter wearing an Allen sticker aggressively went after Senator Allen, who was at an event  with his wife Susan and Senator Elizabeth Dole, screaming that he answer inappropriate questions.

As the Senator was trying to exit the room with a campaign staffer, the Democrat activist, identified as Mike Stark, pushed the Allen staffer. Later, volunteers restrained him and asked to leave the building when he approached the Senator a second time, asking inappropriate questions.

This was not the first time that Stark, a frequent Daily Kos blogger, has aggressively confronted Senator Allen in front of TV cameras and been removed from the premises by event security. In August, Stark was asked to leave a Holiday Inn by management "after he became combative" while interrupting a press conference with Senator Allen. (Chris Graham, "Webb Supporter Asked to Leave Allen Event after N-Word Question," Augusta Free Press; August 25, 2006).

Stark has a history of violent outbursts on the Daily Kos, an extreme left-wing website, such as his post "The F*****g Way...Take These RNC F*****s Down". Daily Kos Link < " target=_blank>http://www.dailykos.com/story/2005/4/12/02847/6131BY>

He also posted his intention last night on his blog, Calling All Wingnuts, which is subtitled "Kickin' a*s on the lyin' side: A never-ending battle against stupid, ugly, deceitful and corrupt right-wing water carriers..." in which he wrote in reference to stalking Senator Allen,"So yeah...  I miss doing this stuff - it seemed that at least once a month, something would happen that really got the adrenaline flowing...  I miss those tasty morsels of victory." ( www.callingallwingnuts.com < " target=_blank>http://www.callingallwingnuts.com/> ; Accessed October 31, 2006)

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