Bank of America Wins Bid on Kluge House

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Another piece of the Kluge estate went up for auction Wednesday morning. This time, it's the family's house for sale, which is a piece of real estate worth a pretty penny.

The Albemarle house is back in the hands of the bank. The home was on the auction block Wednesday and in the end, it was Bank of America that won the bidding war.

The home was auctioned off on the steps of the Albemarle Circuit Court house. Three bidders came out for the sale, the bank, a company called Murcielago and representatives from Donald Trump's organization.

The property included almost 100 acres with an 18,000 square foot cottage, pool house, 9-car garage and surrounding land.

The final price tag was just less than $15.3 million and there might be more negotiation in the works.

Les Goldman, a representative for Donald Trump said, "We begin working with the bank, in a different department of the bank, to see if we can reach agreement on some price."

Trump's representatives say they have already signed an agreement to buy the 200 acres in front of the Albemarle house and they are still interested in this land and other properties on the estate.