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Henley Students Hold Wind Turbine Experiment

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Students test their designs at Henley Middle School Tuesday. Students test their designs at Henley Middle School Tuesday.

Students at Henley Middle School took part in a hands-on lesson Tuesday. The school is getting a wind turbine next semester and to help students better understand what the turbine really does, University of Virginia students helped demonstrate with some interesting props.

Students had the challenge of building their own wind turbines with every day materials. After doing some measurements and brainstorming, they put their creations to the test. Sixth graders were broken down into teams for the project. One team's turbine was made out of cardboard; another team had a round aluminum pan.

The goal was to see which design produces the most energy. To find out, they set their designs right in the middle of fan's pathway. Lights at the bottom measured electricity and as most students found out generating just one volt is not easy.

"We thought the volts were more than they actually are because we didn't know they were broken down into parts," said Sixth-Grader Olivia Nichols. 

Students say this project really does give them a better understanding of how hard it is to produce energy and why a wind turbine is another option. UVA students say Henley Middle School is one of the first schools in the commonwealth that is getting a wind turbine.

The school and county recently received a $211,000 grant from the Renewable Resource Center for demonstrating their commitment to the environment. The wind turbine will be placed by their baseball field.

Reported by Julie Bercik
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