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Police Investigating Waynesboro Murder

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Police in Waynesboro have not yet named a suspect in Sunday night's fatal stabbing of 38-year old Eduardo Herrera.  He was stabbed outside his apartment building, which has a history of violence.

A friend of the victim warns that "street justice" may come before an arrest. Police still have limited information, but they're looking for four Hispanic men in a primer-black Ford Taurus.

The 911 calls, in the wake of the stabbing, claimed this was a case of gang violence. However, police say they still aren't sure.

The victim left a bloody trail from the alley, around a neighboring church before he finally collapsed on a sidewalk after being stabbed in the chest behind 260 north Commerce Avenue. "He was just laying there on north Delphine," said Shaun Reynolds, "just covered, soaked in blood. He moved his lips, like one time for me, and after that I didn't see him move no more."

Reynolds is a long-time friend of Herrera who is the same man that was attacked by three men with a baseball bat 18-months-ago, which happened near Herrera's apartment building on 260 north Commerce Avenue.

There have been a number of other violent crimes in that area so far this year. Sergeant Kelly Walker of the Waynesboro police said, "We're giving it about as much presence as we possibly can, looking at violations of the law, especially those that affect quality of life for the residents."

Police say the Sunday night stabbing stemmed from a fight between two men, but the suspect left in a car that was likely full of MS 13 gang members.

Walker said, "It doesn't appear that the altercation itself was but between the two individuals."

"What he died for was petty. I mean it was real petty, just something stupid. We are going to miss him and we are going to love him," said Reynolds. Reynolds also said Herrera's friends and loved one's can't rely on police.

"It reflects probably a frustration on their part that the situation seems to be cyclic," said Walker.

"People need to come together, try to figure this thing out," said Reynolds, "Try to find out where the dude's at, where they live at you know, handle the situation."

Waynesboro police say they have been getting cooperation from witnesses, and they're continuing to chase down leads and tips. They're also looking into the possibility of a connection between the earlier bat attack on Herrera and Sunday's fatal stabbing.

Reported by Ken Slack
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