UVA Planning White Ribbon Campaign

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There will be a silent protest against domestic violence on grounds at the University of Virginia this weekend in the form of 25,000 small white ribbons. While the effort is officially without reference to any one person, three most quickly come to mind: Yeardley Love, George Huguely and Morgan Harrington.

Organizers say the ribbons are for all victims out there but it is the two university related killings that are pushing the campaign forward. On the lawn at UVA, crews are preparing for the 181st final exercises. Students are also preparing to underline the fight against domestic violence with thousands of little pieces of fabric.

"I just feel like we need to get people talking, we need to get people aware that this is a problem," said fourth year student Caitlin Donaghy. "This is present in our community."

That is why Donaghy and about 30 others are organizing the White Ribbon Campaign; one ribbon for every person attending Sunday's ceremony.

"Actually reaching individuals with 25,000 ribbons is a big feat," said fourth year Holly Grant.

Organizers want to make a visual statement against violence with the sea of ribbons, telling people it is okay to speak up and put a stop to domestic violence.

"Just getting people to talk about it so that it's not such an issue that's in the dark that people don't want to talk about," explained Donaghy.

"I think it's part of the healing process for all of the students here that we can just leave on that positive note," added Grant.

The hope is to also get people to donate to organizations that deal with domestic violence. To find out where to get a white ribbon, click here.

Reported by Henry Graff
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