Do Kids Dislike School but Love Learning?

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photo by Dan Addison for UVAToday photo by Dan Addison for UVAToday

Kids may give the impression that they don't like school. But one University of Virginia researcher says their answer isn't usually that simple.

Psychologist Daniel Willingham suggests students might not like the idea of school, but they love learning. He says people love solving problems and finding different ways to teach information is critical in retaining new information.

"If the be-all-end-all of education is what does the child know when they go home at the end of the day and when they graduate, then knowing the cognitive equipment that the student comes to school with, I think, is enormously helpful for teachers," stated Willingham.

Monticello High School says they are embracing new learning methods, like community engagement projects outside the classroom. Read more about Willingham and his theory and studies on learning here.

Reported by Liz Nagy
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