Artist Pulls Prank with Elephants and Hannibal in Waynesboro

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If you happened to lift your eyes to Waynesboro's capped-off landfill, you may have doubted your sanity. You might have seen five elephants and Hannibal appearing to be crossing the Blue Ridge. But all of them are the fiber glass handiwork of artist Mark Cline.

Cline spent April Fool's eve setting up his latest annual prank. In other years and other communities, it's been Foamhenge, dinosaurs or spaceships.

Julie Mangin is a big fan and drove from Washington D.C. to see Cline in action. "His work is so whimsical and uplifting and exhilarating in its joyful playfulness...that I just can't resist. I think the town's very lucky," said Mangin.

Town leaders had to be convinced of that, but Cline pointed out the tourism potential, and the fact it's only for 30 days. Cline shared, "Even the city realized that we all need a time to laugh, we all need a time to lighten up a little bit. And what better time than now?"

So Cline packed up the pachyderms and brought them to Waynesboro the traditional way: on a flatbed trailer. Ranging from 100 to 300 pounds each, he got help from a small crew to arrange them and anchor them on the windy hilltop.

The namesake of the fiberglass warrior crossed the Alps a couple thousand years ago to lay seige to Rome. "My Hannibal is crossing the Blue Ridge to try to conquer the hearts of the Waynesborians. Did I say that right? Waynesborians?" said Cline.

The best places to see this pachyderm procession without trespassing are from East Main Street and South Delphine Avenue. You've got a month to enjoy the bizarre sight before Cline has to remove the elephants from city property.

Reported by Ken Slack
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